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Kerala Pilgrim Tour Package in Ochira Temple

Kerala Pilgrim Tour Package in Ochira

Oachira or Ochira  is a small town located 32 km away from Kollam city in Kollam district in Kerala, India. It is one of the famous sacred places of Kerala and in India.[1] Oachira is on the border of Kollam and Allappuzha Districts, next to the National Highway 47.[2] It is a very ancient pilgrimage center that is centered on the ParaBrahma Temple (that is dedicated to the Para Brahman (or Param Brahman) or Ohmkaram, the Universal Consciousness), which covers thirty-six acres of land, and Oachira Muslim Masjid also considered as one of the historical monuments.

The major annual festivals are Oachira Kali or Oachirakali (held on the first and second of Midhunam, i.e., June–July) and the twelve-day Panthrandu Vilakku (twelve lamp festival), which is held in November/December. Oachira Kali is celebrated in commemoration of the battle of Kayamkulam, fought between Marthanda Varma, the Maharaja of Travancore and the Raja of Kayamkulam, on the plains of Oachira.[3] It is a mock fight enacted between groups of men dressed as warriors on the padanilam (battlefield). They perform a martial dance standing in knee-deep water, brandishing swords and shields, and splashing water in every direction. A big cattle fair is also held as part of the festival.

Yet another festival celebrated in Oachira Temple is the “Irupathiyettam Onam” (Thiruvonum in the month of Kanni, second month of Malayalam Calendar). It is considered the Onam of cows and bulls and is celebarated on Thiruvonam. These concepts are related to Shiva Vahana

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