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Kerala Pilgrim Tour Package in Lokanarkavu Temple

Kerala Pilgrim Tour Package

in Lokanarkavu Temple

Lokanarkavu Temple is in Memunda 4 km from Vatakara, in Kozhikode District, North Malabar region of Kerala state of south India. Lokanarkavu is a short form of Lokamalayarkavu which means lokam (world) made of mala (mountain), aaru (river) and kavu (grove). It is the official family temple of the 500 Aryan Nagariks[citation needed] who had migrated to Kerala and their successors. The closest railway station is at Vadakara,which is 5 km from temple. Te nearest airport is Calicut airport which is 87 km away.

Pooram is the important festival here and it is conducted with great pomp and show. The week-long festival begins with Kodiyettam (flag hoisting) and concludes with Arattu. The temple dedicated to goddess Durga has great historical importance as Thacholi Othenan, the legendary martial hero of Kerala, used to worship here every day.

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